Writer’s Block is a conceptual desk set for the writer, designed by Nashville, TN based illustrator/designer Christopher Stewart.

Writer’s Block is a conceptual desk set for the writer, designed by Nashville, Tennessee based illustrator and designer Christopher Stewart. This is the specialty desk set for the author who has everything, featuring custom-printed labeling/packaging for each unique item within the set. Photos courtesy of Dean Dixon Photography, Nashville.

Christopher J. Stewart is an illustrator, designer, children’s story writer, singer/songwriter and overall creative type. He graduated from Watkins College of Art, Design & Film with a BFA in graphic design, concentrating in illustration. He lives in Nashville, Tennessee. His experience ranges from storyboarding for film, to specialty packaging and typography, to complete cd/album packaging illustration and design, to character design and sketch. Currently, he freelances out of the home studio in Nashville, TN. tackling a wide range of design and illustration projects. Ultimately, Stewart has hopes to break into publishing and both write as well as illustrate children’s books. Stewart previously worked at Cronin Creative as Jr. designer/illustrator, at Travis Foster Studios, Goodlettsville, TN as illustration intern, in Spring 2011, and at Apple Store, Nashville. He is a member of AIGA. He is awarded with Faculty Choice Award & Multimedia Overall Category Awards for “Glass To Count” flash animation, Watkins, 2011.