Witt Istanbul by Autoban

Architecture, Hotels

Witt Istanbul by Autoban won “2009 Best Hotels of the World” award and “2009 Hot List” award.

Located in Cihangir, Istanbul, Turkey, Witt Istanbul is an architectural project of Istanbul-based Turkish design studio Autoban. Architect Seyhan Ozdemir and interior designer Sefer Caglar from Autoban designed Witt Istanbul. 1975 born Seyhan Ozdemir and 1973 born Sefer Caglar met at Fine Arts Faculty of Mimar Sinan University, where Ozdemir was studying Architecture and Caglar, Interior Design. The duo graduated in 1998 and after gaining experience in the field, in order to join their work on architecture, interior design and product development under one name, they established Autoban in 2003.

Witt Istanbul is a contemporary boutique hotel taking cues from its historical surroundings in design. The sandstone facade is a reference to the strong appearance of the Tophane-i Amire building which is a few blocks down in the same street. And the tall windows together with French balconies reflect the architectural style of the Italian Hospital just across the hotel. Inside the hotel, a spacious ground lobby welcomes visitors to join together and take part in the daily life in Cihangir. Each of the 17 spacious suits spreading over (5 normal floors + 1 attic floor) floors are designed as all-in-one spaces where guests can eat, rest and sleep, with laser-cut wood and iron creating layered patterns on the walls.

The furniture is mainly sourced from the Autoban archive and adapted to the hotel concept. The bathroom walls are covered in traditional Marmara marble -a prominent feature of the Ottoman architectural style. The whole ambiance provides a unique experience where the visitors can broaden their horizons and breathe in Istanbul. Designed in 2008, Witt Istanbul by Autoban won the “2009 Best Hotels of the World” award by Sunday Times and “2009 Hot List” award by Conde Nast. Photos: Ali Bekman

İstanbul / Türkiye