Why Mark Zuckerberg Is Excited About an Augmented Reality Future

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Deniz Taşkın

Deniz Taşkın: deniz@dzgn.co The Facebook founder laid out the tech the company is working on during his F8 keynote address.

When Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg took the stage today to open F8, the social giant’s annual developer conference, he wanted to address the elephant in the room. Another big tentpole event named F8 had already kind of stolen his thunder: the recent premiere of his buddy Vin Diesel’s latest movie, the eight installment of the Fast and the Furious franchise.

Moving on to his main focus, Zuckerberg shared with the crowd Facebook’s mission going forward, riffing quite literally on the comprehensive treatise he published in February (he held up a sizable stack of paper that may or may not have been the printed open letter). The Facebook founder said the company’s next steps would be to bring the digital and physical together and to “work on building common ground.”

Why Mark Zuckerberg Is Excited About an Augmented Reality FutureTo that end, Facebook’s next technological leap, now that it is the owner of four out of the five most downloaded apps in the world, is to step into the world of augmented reality. But Facebook isn’t the only company with designs on augmented reality.

Image Info: Mark Zuckerberg talks about Oculus VR headset during his keynote address at Facebook’s F8 Developers Conference