Turn Your Home Smart For Under $200
This thermostat connects to all your devices through wifi.

We’re keeping it simple for you guys today. We’ll show you how to make a smarter, more integrated home for just under $200. We’ve hand-picked four devices that will improve your home life and truly make you the master of your domain.

With your new smart home, you’ll be able to keep tabs on home security, play music, manage electricity consumption, and control your thermostat—all from the tap of a button or simple voice command. Without further ado, here’s ProductWatch’s four-step recipe for a smarter home:

#1 WYZE CAM v2 $19.99 ($25.96)

This is by far the most affordable and reliable security camera on the market today. It’s $20 asking price is practically unheard of for a camera! The Wyze Cam v2 also comes with 14 day’s worth of rolling cloud storage. We tried it out and have officially given it our blessing. The WCv2 features night vision, motion sensors, and smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Some problems to watch out for: it’s not waterproof and lacks automatic tilt/pan capabilities.

#2 Smart Plugs $23.97

Conservation is the name of the game with the Smart Plug. These clever little devices are essentially power switches you control from your phone or tablet. You can turn on (or off) any device connected to the Smart Plug with the tap of a button, even when you’re not in the room. You can also set a timer to power down your electronics while you’re away instead of letting them idle, and the Smart Plug even lets you monitor your electricity consumption. They’re a personal favorite of mine since I use them to turn on my lights in the morning to get out of bed!

command isn’t your thing you could always employ the Flic button to do your bidding.

#3. Honeywell Thermostat $79.99

This thermostat connects to all your devices through wifi. You can control it from your Google Home Mini or directly from your cell phone. Its super flexible, meaning you can program the temperature for any specific day of the week in advance.

There you have it folks, your very own smart home for just $172.95 (Probably a little more after taxes but you still have enough buy yourself a decent meal).