This Summer`s Waterproof Sony NW-WS413​

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Take your favorite tunes to the pool or in open water!

Sony NW-WS413​ Waterproof MP3 Player​
Sony’s NW-WS413 waterproof mp3 player is the best option you need to know about today. It has a comfy neckband design, built-in earbuds with excellent audio quality, and 4 GB of storage for music and podcasts.
The mp3 player is waterproof up to 2 meters, so it’s great for swimming. It has up to 12 hours of battery life between charges.

H2O Audio Waterproof Earbuds
These waterproof earbuds by H2O Audio are a well-priced option with a bass-heavy audio signature. The headset is waterproof up to 12 feet, and it comes with five sets of ear tips to help you find the right fit.

This Summer`s Waterproof Sony NW-WS413​Waterfi SwimActive Waterproof Earbuds
The Waterfi SwimActive earbuds are waterproof down to 10 feet. Each pair comes with a sturdy carrying case and four sets of silicone earbuds. The manufacturer has designed the headset to reduce drag. Plus, a 12-inch cord ensures that they won’t be in your way while you’re swimming.

Swimbuds Flex Waterproof Earbuds
The Swimbuds Flex waterproof earbuds have flexible around-ear wires that ensure that they not only stay in place, but also remain comfy at all times. Backed by a 1-year warranty, the headset comes with four types of earbuds in various sizes, thus guaranteeing that everyone finds a perfect fit.

Swimbuds Fit Waterproof Earbuds
The appropriately named Swimbuds Fit waterproof earbuds have comfy ear hooks to ensure they always stay in place. The headset can withstand water depths of up to 10 feet. The Swimbuds Fit come with a handy waterproof cord extension, which makes them quite versatile.

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