The world’s largest Supercar ‘Vending Machine’ in Singapore


Car dealer in Singapore creates a tower filled with Ferraris and Lamborghinis that are dispensed like chocolate bars.

The luxury car showroom can hold up to 60 cars at any given time and bring them to customers on the ground floor in just 2 minutes.


It’s been billed as the ‘world’s largest luxury car vending machine’ and hosts a range of vehicles, from classic models like the original Mini to the supercars of today made by McLaren and Porsche.
In fact, one image of the high-tech showroom displays 26 different Porsche models arranged in the tower that customers can cherry-pick from the fround floor of the building.

Visitors on the lower level can simply select the in-stock model they want to see on a touchscreen display and in just two minutes the ‘vehicle retrieval system’ delivers it to them.

Gary Hong, general manager at Autobahn Motors, said the vending machine format was designed to make efficient use of space in land-scarce Singapore as well as help the brand stand out from the competition.
‘We needed to meet our requirement of storing a lot of cars,’ he told Reuters.
‘At the same time, we wanted to be creative and innovative.’