The OCDock™ is iPhone dock for iMac and Apple displays designed by OCDesk.

The OCDock™ is a slick and highly capable docking station designed especially for the iMac and Thunderbolt display owners by Miami, Florida based international design company OCDesk. OCDock™ eliminates excess cabling and organizes workspace for iMac owners. It’s unique paper-thin cable runs underneath the display appearing wireless, allowing for a clutter free workspace – resulting in better work performance and zen-like peace of mind. The minimalist yet highly functional OCDock offers a refreshing alternative for the myriad of one-shoe-fits-all docking stations that often have to invent the problems they attempt to solve.

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The novel dock is developed by design company OCDesk, which stands for Obsessively Clean Desk – something that many iMac and Thunderbolt users are truly obsessed about. The dock is currently offered exclusively on Kickstarter via donations. The OCDesk co-founder Mart Jaetma explains that the OCDock was built embracing Apple’s timeless design principles. “In particular, we believe that less truly is more, but only if the function is still at the core. We wanted to create a scaled back dock that would use as little material and space as possible while offering the most feature rich and comfortable docking and undocking experience.”

Can you find the cable?

CNC machined from a solid piece of high grade aluminum, the sleek and stylish OCDock is available in two sizes: a smaller version for $75 that is designed to fit naked iPhones with slim cases and a larger dock for $79 with three interchangeable silicone supports for naked iPhones, slimmer cases and larger cases. Complimenting and compatible with all iPhone versions, including the new iPhone 5 with lightning connector. When installed in the center of the display base, The OCDock offers a hands-free approach and accessibility with your iPhone – streamlining FaceTime experiences and shortcuts to applications.

OCDock Mini™

They are OCDesk. And they’re all about keeping things clean, simple and minimal. Beginning with your desk. And ending with your desk. And yes, they’re a little obsessed. OCDesk is based in Miami, their products are designed and assembled in the US, the components are manufactured in China in the same region as Apple aluminium devices. OCDesk team includes Mart Jaetma (Sales and marketing), Peedu Tuisk (User interface and experience designer for 8 years, studied advertising for 3 years in university), Koit Kangur (Product Development Engineer, currently pursuing his MA degree in Sweden), Harry Holm (Entrepreneur, co-founder of multiple small businesses).