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Deniz Taşkın: ‘Thank you,’ Obama tells the American people as he leaves Oval Office for final time on January 20.

Just before 9:30 a.m., President Barack Obama left the Oval Office for the final time.

As he did, reporters asked, “Feeling nostalgic?”

Thank you, Barack Obama tells the American people

President Barack Obama waves as he leaves the Oval Office of the White House in Washington

Obama responded, “Of course.”

Another reporter shouted, “Any words for the American people?”

The 44th president of the United States answered, “Thank you.”

Barack Obama has left a note for Donald Trump in the White House. Outgoing presidents normally leave a message of encouragement and advice behind for their successor to find.

It is customary for the outgoing president to leave a personal note for his successor.

When Obama arrived in the Oval Office eight years ago he found a note from his predecessor, George W. Bush.