Supersonic Jet Capable of Crossing Atlantic in Three Hours
Enjoy Life With The Spike S-512

Supersonic jet ‘capable of crossing Atlantic in three hours’ completes first test flight.

Spike S-512 Supersonic Jet

Enjoy the prestige and exclusivity of flying on a Spike S-512 Quiet Supersonic Jet – and saving half of your current air travel time. Now any destination, over land or over sea, is just a short supersonic flight away.

A Supersonic jet capable of crossing the Atlantic in three hours has successfully completed its first test flight.

Spike said the test flight went off without a hitch and proved the jet’s aerodynamic design to be effective.

The company hopes to have the private plane flying by early 2021, with customer deliveries beginning two years later, in 2023.

The S-512 will seat up to 22 passengers, with a range of 6,200 miles.

It will boast a cruise speed of Mach 1.6 – 1.6 times faster than the speed of sound – slashing flight times by half, according to Spike.

And the company says the aircraft’s low-boom signature will allow it to fly overland without creating disturbing sonic booms.

The supersonic plane will seat up to 22 passengers, according to the makers.

The S-512 will boast a cruise speed of Mach 1.6 and cross the Atlantic in three hours.

Spike president and CEO Vik Kachoria said: “The SX-1.2 test flights were conducted in a real world situation and provide significantly more data than wind tunnel tests done in an artificial environment.

“We were able to test not only handling, but also a range of other considerations.”

Krishna Kumar Malu – who piloted the aircraft alongside Mike Ridlon at a private airfield in New England – said: “These test flights are providing incredibly valuable information which we can use to refine the design.

“I am very excited about how helpful these tests will be to our supersonic development program.”