SLIMLINE is next generation smart phone protection created by Miami, Florida based Gaetan Policard and Stanley Prato.

SLIMLINE is next generation smart phone protection created and developed by Miami, Florida based Gaetan Policard and Stanley Prato. Maximum Protection with Minimum Dimension for Iphone 5. “Protection Simplified!” SLIMLINE consists of two pieces that perfectly frame and fit on the front and back of the iPhone, providing access to all sides, buttons and portals of the phone. Lightweight, SLIMLINE will be available in black, white and a limited edition red.

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SLIMLINE is designed to provide “maximum protection with minimal dimension” to the phone and once on the market, will provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee. SLIMLINE will be manufactured in the United States of the highest quality materials. The solid frame will be fabricated with durably flexible polycarbonate, while over molded with the shock absorbing polyurethane. Both materials are a perfect match to achieve the level of quality they demand of this product.

Slimline is engineered of two of the strongest thermoplastic polymers, which together yield an impregnable barrier of protection. Polycarbonate is nearly indestructible and creates a rigid base structure for the polyurethane membrane. Polyurethane provides maximum flexibility and sustainability, has a firm grip but still slips smoothly into your pocket. The amalgamation of this polycarbonate support with a polypropylene frame will provide the strongest and sleekest barrier of protection for your device without impeding its performance and structural design.

Creators of SLIMLINE, Gaetan Policard [L] and Stanley Prato [R].
Gaetan Policard was born and raised in Port au Prince, Haiti. He grew up making and producing music with his brother Jeff and traveled many cities throughout the world representing their native music called “Compas.” In 2001, Policard moved to the United States, where he earned a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration at Bryant University in Rhode Island. At the age of 25 Policard opened a recording studio in South Florida, where he wrote and produced his own music as well as collaborations with various local artists. This is how he came to meet his friend and now business partner, Stanley Prato.

Stanley Prato is an American entrepreneur, business owner, photographer, videographer, and House music DJ and producer. Born in Nyack, NY, at the age of 9, he moved to Port-au-Prince, Haiti, where his family is originally from. Over the next 20 years he developed a tremendous predilection for the arts, especially music. Prato moved back to the US in 2000’s. He would open several cellular phone businesses, and a marketing & advertising company in Miami, Florida. His passion for the arts and music, however, never left him and he founded Prato Productions LLC, through which he shares his artistic innovations as an established photographer, videographer and music producer in Miami’s Art & Design District. In 2011 he brought together the MKSHFT Council, a collaborative assembly of DJs, musicians and music producers, who are continuously re-discovering and revolutionizing the music that consumes today’s pop culture. As a business owner, artist and DJ, Prato became very frustrated with current phone cases and bumpers, which limit the functionality of his iPhone and hide the thoughtful architecture behind its design. Being creatively driven, in 2012, he designed an innovative concept in smart phone protection: “protection simplified”. He named his latest work of art SLIMLINE, as its sleek and elegant design perfectly frames the iPhone, permitting full access to all sides and buttons, while maintaining the beautiful esthetic features of the phone. SLIMLINE is a small token of appreciation and admiration for the ingenious engineers that took the time to create this incredible tool that has become an essential part of our daily lives.

Gaetan Policard [L] and Stanley Prato [R] are the developers of SLIMLINE.
Stanley Prato and Gaetan Policard found that not only did they have their cultural background in common, they also shared a love of music and a spirit for entrepreneurship. Together they launched a telephone accessory business, which started off with a $2,000 starting capital and grew into a successful six-figure company in one year’s time. SLIMLINE is their latest joint venture expected to launch its first line of products by the end of 2012.