Samsung Mid-Range Phones To Get Wireless Charging Too
Samsung Galaxy S9

Just after launching the Galaxy Note 9, Samsung mobile chief DJ Koh made a promise that is both puzzling yet also daring. The OEM was going to shift its focus towards bringing new features to mid-range phones first before the higher end flagships. That has already started with the Galaxy A7 (2018) and its triple cameras, with Samsung’s first quad camera expected to debut next week. Now it seems Samsung will also be adding an existing feature to its mid-range in the form of wireless charging for Galaxy A and even Galaxy J phones.

Wireless charging, despite being around for years, is finally starting to be more commonplace. Almost all premium phones (except OnePlus) supports wireless charging, mostly the Qi type. For the majority of the world’s smartphone users, however, that’s not yet true simply because OEMs have reserved the feature for more expensive models.

According to Korean site Electronic Times, that’s going to change. According to its sources, Samsung will be launching a low-cost wireless charger that only costs 20,000 KRW, roughly $20. More than just a more affordable charging pad, the new accessory is supposedly meant for a new generation of Galaxy A and Galaxy J (or Galaxy M rather) low to mid range phones that will, of course, support the feature.

No word yet on when that will happen, but perhaps it will be soon. The iteration in lower tiers happens a lot faster than the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note lines, with multiple models released every year. It could even happen with the Galaxy A9 Pro/Star next week, but that would make that phone overloaded with features and, therefore, more expensive.