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Deniz Taşkın: The heir of South Korean company Samsung has been arrested as part of an investigation into corruption and influence-peddling that caused President Park Geun-hye to be impeached.

The Seoul Central District Court has approved a warrant to arrest Lee Jae-yong, Samsung‘s vice chairman and effective leader. He is being detained over claims of bribing South Korean government officials. Lee allegedly paid $36 million to two foundations belonging to an aide of (now impeached) president Park Geun-hye, in order to guarantee presidential support for a merger of two Samsung holding companies.

The first warrant for Lee’s arrest was issued back in January, but ended up rejected. But the case continued and new evidence incriminating the Samsung head was collected, leading to a second warrant and an arrest.

Samsung leader Lee Jae-yong arrested on multiple convictionsThe list of charges against Lee includes embezzlement, bribery, perjury, concealment of criminal proceeds, and illicit transfer of assets abroad. He is currently held behind bars, and it could be as many as 18 months before his trial commences. Interim, the special prosecutor’s office has set their sights on Samsung Electronics president Park Sang-jin, whose arrest warrant has been rejected today.

Image Info: Lee had been interrogated several times until his arrest on Thursday