Samsung Introduces QMD Series Smart Signage Offering Ultra-Realistic Detail

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Samsung Introduces QMD Series Smart Signage Offering Ultra-Realistic Detail

QMD Series Smart Signage

• Samsung introduced the QMD Series Smart Signage, an 85-inch Ultra High-Definition (UHD) commercial display, offering an immersive viewing experience, dynamic connectivity, and enhanced display functionality.

Samsung Introduces QMD Series Smart Signage Offering Ultra-Realistic Detail

Enhanced image resolution, dynamic connectivity options and improved display functionality provide a hyper-realistic visual experience

Samsung Electronics announced the introduction of the QMD Series Smart Signage, Ultra High-Definition (UHD) commercial display. Available in an 85-inch model, the commercial display is designed for retail and corporate environments where digital content plays a critical role in attracting, engaging and educating business customers by delivering highly-detailed visual information.

Immersive Visual Experience

The QMD Series Smart Signage offers ultra-realistic detail and four times the detail clarity of Full High-Definition (FHD), resulting in the most accurate recreation of detailed images possible. Text that displays on the QMD Series in UHD produces super-crisp images due to its high pixel density of 3,840 by 2,160 resolution. High-detail visuals, such as photos and videos, are visible down to the smallest detail for a hyper-realistic and immersive visual experience. Upscaling technology also adjusts lower FHD resolution content to display optimally on the QMD Series.

Supported by a high 60 Hz refresh rate, the QMD Series ensures seamless video playback and eliminates the choppy visual experience often attributed to lower refresh rates. The display’s capabilities would be less meaningful if the video input could not be provided in 60 Hz, but with Display Port (DP) 1.2 support for 60 Hz UHD resolution, the QMD Series delivers a true UHD experience.

Dynamic Connectivity

Taking full advantage of the display’s superior picture quality and large format, the QMD Series features a wide array of multi-format connectivity options. A Picture-By-Picture (PBP) function allows the display to support up to four FHD windows on one screen simultaneously, while various Picture-in-Picture (PiP) multi-screen or split screen functions provide added efficiency. From displaying a video conferencing window on a large part of the screen while reference documents are shown on another screen area for meeting attendees to showing a product image next to a specification list in a retail store, these PiP functions optimize the impact and flexibility of digital content for business customers.

Enhanced Display Functionality

Along with these features, the QMD Series offers a pivot mode that allows the display to be installed in either landscape or portrait orientation, vertically or horizontally, based on the user’s needs.

Extended operational hours further enhance commercial-grade reliability, with the display designed to operate up to 16 hours a day and seven days a week. Additionally, Samsung plans to introduce a UHD-capable Set-Back Box (SBB) that attaches to the back of the QMD Series commercial displays to eliminate the need for unnecessary wire clutter or a separate housing for the media player to support UHD streaming.

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