Designer Staffan Hultgren's Riviera Deck Chair for Gloster is only one piece of Riviera Collection.

Staffan Hultgren designed Riviera Deck Chair for Gloster. In the entire Riviera collection, Swedish designer Staffan Hultgren has utilised three different, yet complementary, materials to create graceful new interpretations of traditional themes. This is a style designed to stand the test of time. Material used while producing Riviera Deck Chair is teak. Teak frames are combined with stainless steel and hard-wearing vinyl slings in a range of six colours.

Graduating in the early 1990s from the Carl Malmsten Furniture School in Stockholm, Swedish designer Staffan Hultgren embarked almost immediately on a highly successful career in garden furniture design. To date, Staffan Hultgren has portfolio of over 40 designs and multiple internationally recognised awards to his name. Much international acclaim has been given to Staffan Hultgren’s works and the designer was awarded in 1998 the Design and Innovation Prize of the English Furniture Industry. In 2002 he received the Award for Best Furniture at the Chicago Casual Furniture Show. Designer Staffan Hultgren’s Riviera Deck Chair for Gloster is only one piece of Riviera Collection.