Prefab Glass Sliding Doors to Generate Living Spaces
This habitat blurs the distinction between indoor and outdoor space.

A prefab modular dwelling intended to be implanted in the nature. Born from a system of sliding, curved glass doors, and inspired by its potential presence in nature, this house takes new technology and uses it in a beautiful way.

LUMISHELL is a partnership between a young engineer and architect, Christophe Benichou, and LUMICENE, a company developing curved and reversible glass windows. The result is a small, pre-fabricated accommodation unit that capitalizes on the nature of the curved windows to generate living and bedroom spaces.

The house rolls in on itself, creating privacy between the three areas and allowing the full rotation of the windows, which can spin to open up each wing to the outside.

The effect is a kind of cocoon-like curved pavilion. Private and open, compact and airy, mirrors are strategically placed to bring the panoramic views inside and speak to the aluminum-clad skin of the exterior.

The images of the project intentionally locate the house within surreal and beautiful landscapes, giving it an other-worldly feel. The simplicity of the design extends to the installation process – there is no need to lay foundations and the house will be manufactured off-site, transported by truck or container and assembled in four to five days. A flat surface capable of taking the weight of the structure is the only requirement.

Worldwide delivery starts in 2018, LUMISHELL: