Paulson Coletti by Paul McKean architecture llc

Architecture, Commercial

Paulson Coletti trial attorneys designed by Paul McKean’s Paul McKean architecture llc.

Paulson Coletti trial attorneys in Portland, Oregon is a commercial architecture project designed by architect Paul McKean’s Portland based architectural design studio Paul McKean architecture llc. After spending two decades in a dimly lit and uninspiring leased office, Paulson Coletti was ready for a change.

After purchasing two adjacent live-work studio units in Boora architect’s Metropolitan building, PC asked Paul McKean architecture llc to complete the fit out. Working closely with Jennifer Fowler interiors, we carefully added a simple palette of white oak paneling and diffuse glass, resulting in a warm work environment, filled with functional daylight.

Portland, Oregon Project completed 2009
Interior designer: Jennifer Fowler Interiors
Contractor: Russell construction

Architect Paul McKean’s Paul McKean architecture is located in Portland.

Paul McKean architecture is a small architectural design studio located in Portland, Oregon. They work with clients who love design and enjoy the process of building. They believe that there is beauty in simplicity, and that good architecture improves lives and respects nature. Their designs tend to be simple, efficient and materials-driven. This approach lends itself to smaller homes that are cost-effective, durable and energy efficient. PMa is actively engaged in the research and application of prefabricated building technology. Initially funded by a research grant from the AFO, PMa is connected to high-quality manufacturers of prefabricated building systems in the Northwest. PMa is also in the process of bringing several prefab designs to market, including the Neal Creek residence.

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