It’s OnePlus’ best smartphone.

The OnePlus 6 is, undoubtedly, the best OnePlus smartphone yet.

And now that the company has finally made a competitive camera.

OnePlus' Best Smartphone YetWhile it’s true that OnePlus is asking potential buyers to make several compromises – namely its lack of IP67/68 certification and support for wireless charging – the OnePlus 6 is a flagship-worthy phone that costs several hundreds of pounds less than its competitors.

Although slightly more expensive than the OnePlus 5T before it, the OnePlus 6 is, on paper at least, largely on-par with the Galaxy S9+. It’s packing a Snapdragon 845 CPU paired with 8GB RAM (more than the S9’s 6GB), a 6.28in AMOLED display and an upgraded dual-camera setup, complete with new features for capturing high-quality, slow-motion footage.

Image Info: OnePlus 6 vs. Galaxy S9