Nordic Sea Hotel by JWDA

Jonas Wagell’s studio JWDA designed Nordic Sea Hotel for Nordic Hotels.

Nordic Sea Hotel designed by Swedish architect and designer Jonas Wagell’s Stockholm based design and architecture practise JWDA for Nordic Hotels. Nordic Sea Hotel occupies a former police station in the center of Stockholm. The facility has obvious limitation in terms of the spatial quality of the existing building, but also need to address functional requirements like flow and connectivity between rooms and functions in the hotel.

An overall revitalization of the hotel experience was required which also solves practical issue.
The brief included the following:

– To create a clear identity and increase the awareness of the hotel
– To increase the number of conference guests during the day
– To increase the number of bar and restaurant guests during the night
– To improve check-in procedure which is getting choked at day time
– To enhance flow of visitors to the in-house Absolut Ice Bar who are occupying the lobby
– To improve flexibility in bistro and lobby to allow for more breakfast and lunch guests
– To enhance the experience of staying in one of the 367 small hotel rooms

To answer to the conditions of the brief and to create an strong identity for Nordic Sea Hotel a design concept proposal was developed which included:

– Building an seamless glass facade towards the street and placing plants and small tree both inside and outside to create a transparency and connection between exterior and interior
– Repositioning the entrance to the Ice Bar to avoid waiting visitors in the lobby
– Creating a free-standing check-in desk that allows access from three sides when required
– Adding a free-standing bar cladded in brass as the main focus in the lobby which also accommodates check-in stations when required
– Transforming the lobby from a waiting area into an lounge/bar/coffee shop by replacing the large existing staircase with a curved contemporary model
– Building recognition and brand value by attract external quests to lounge, bar and restaurant + enhancing nightlife with concerts and dj sets.
– Allow the lounge to serve a simplified “On the fly Breakfast” with newspaper and “Street smart Lunch” to relieve pressure from the Bistro
– Redesigning conference facility to be accommodate more guests in a more transparent and airy environment with colour coded conference rooms.
– Creating a design concept for the small hotel rooms to make them all different with combinations of colours, materials and lighting moods. The concept is more space efficient and easy to clean and set the guest in focus.

Title: Nordic Sea hotel
Project: Commission proposal Hotel re-design
Client: Nordic Hotels
Size: approx. 2000 sqm
Design: Jonas Wagell
Year: 2010

Jonas Wagell’s studio JWDA focuses on brand management, architecture, product design.

“My design is focused on functional items rather than artistic objects. I appreciate products that can be used everyday and be a part of people’s lives. I believe affection and emotion is more important than exclusivity and expensive materials. My aim is to create simplistic objects that are easy to understand and use, but try to add something personal and expressive. I like to call this philosophy a ‘generous minimalism’.” says Jonas Wagell.

1973 born Jonas Wagell is a Swedish architect and designer located in Stockholm. He is trained in graphics, marketing and management, design and architecture at institutions such as Konstfack, Beckmans, Berghs and Parsons and has a back record in strategic project management. The studio JWDA maintains a multi-disciplinary focus on brand management, architecture and product design. This applies well on design concepts and enforcing brand value – and we love co-operating with like-minded professionals. And hey, it’s more fun too! Wagell is a restless soul with a strong nerve for entrepreneurship which has brought him to develop the prefab house concept Mini House and the design label Hello Industry.

2008: Jonas Wagell was named one of “the world’s 50 hottest young architects” by Wallpaper* magazine.
2008: The prefab house concept Mini House received “Innovation Award 2008” from the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in London.
2008: Wagell was awarded first prize in the “100% Futures” competition at 100% Design London.

2005-2007: Interior Architecture & Furniture Design MFA, Konstfack University College, Stockholm
2004-2005: Interior Design, Parsons School of Design, New York City
2003-2005: Interior Architecture & Furniture Design BFA, Konstfack University College, Stockholm
2001-2002: Preparatory design studies, Beckmans School of Design, Stockholm
2000-2001: Strategic Project Management, Berghs School of Communication, Stockholm
1996-1997: Marketing Economics, Berghs School of Communication, Stockholm
1994-1995: Graphic Design, Ebersteinska skolan, Norrköping