Nokia 3310 Can Actually Make Calls Now

Nokia 3310 Can Actually Make Calls Now

Nokia 3310 Can Actually Make Calls Now

Nokia’s 3310 is back — again. This time it actually makes calls.

If you find the iPhone 8 or the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 too pricey and newfangled, Nokia sure has some good news for you.

The company on Thursday announced a version of its famous 3310 phone that you can actually make calls from. Nokia re-released the phone earlier in the year, but it didn’t work in the U.S., UK or Australia due to using a 900-MHz frequency.

That problem has been fixed, as this 3G 3310 can do it all. Call. Text. Snake. ???. Profit.

The phone will land Down Under first, in mid October, where it’ll retail for AU$89. That converts to $69 USD and £50. Nokia didn’t say if or when the new-and-improved 3310 would hit the U.S. or UK, but said international availability would be announced shortly. Nokia says the phone will last up to 27 days in standby mode, and has an updated, customizable user interface.

Nokia over the last year has been working to reclaim a top spot in the phone market. It released a set of budget Android phones, the Nokia 3, 5 and 6, before unveiling its premium Nokia 8 in August. The 8, released Down Under earlier this month, is equipped with dual cameras, a blazing-fast Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor and a price tag of AU$900, nearly $700 in the United States.

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