New Apple commercial makes fun of Android
Apple CEO Tim Cook. iPhone Vs Android: Apple commercial makes fun of Android

There’s an old and unwritten rule in advertising which states that a market leading company should never reference competitors by name. This is why you don’t often, if ever, see Coke mention or even reference Pepsi, or McDonald’s reference Burger King.

Similarly, with the iPhone controlling the high-end of the smartphone market for years on end now, most of Apple’s advertising efforts have focused on what users can accomplish with their device rather than taking potshots at Android handsets. On the flip side, it seems as if Samsung can’t go 3 months without releasing some sort of anti-iPhone ads.

On Thursday evening, Apple debuted two new iPhone ads, one of which makes a not so subtle dig at Android.

Titled Hardware and Software, the ad expectedly touts the benefits of a device where both the hardware and software can be fine tuned to run more efficiently together. This of course stands in stark contrast to Android where users often have to contend with a mess of software versions and a never-ending lineup of varying hardware.

New Apple commercial makes fun of Android
The comparisons between the iPhone 6 Plus and the Galaxy Note 4 were inevitable. Apple’s first flagship phablet facing off against the most prolific phablet maker in the world — it was a story that captivated the mobile industry, but even after all these months, we’re still discovering new things about both devices.

The narration reads in part, “Unlike most smartphones, we design the hardware part and the software part… When you design the whole phone, all the parts work together as one amazing part.”

Is this a knockout punch from Apple to Samsung? Certainly not, but it’s interesting to see Apple, even subtly, address why the iPhone stands above the competition.

The other ad, titled Loved, centers on how 99% of people who own an iPhone love their iPhone. The ad itself is pretty standard, but should do well enough to keep the iPhone on people’s minds as the iPhone 6s unveiling is likely just two months away now.