National Museum Quebec
National Museum Quebec in Quebec City, Canada.

The new building for the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec is a subtly ambitious addition to the city. Rather than creating an iconic imposition, it forms new links between the park and the city, and brings new coherence to the MNBAQ.

National Museum Quebec

The Museum was generated by stacking the required new galleries in three volumes of decreasing size – temporary exhibitions (50m x 50m), the permanent Modern and Contemporary collections (45m x 35m) and Design / Inuit exhibits (42.5m x 25m) – to create a cascade ascending from the park towards the city.

National Museum Quebec

The building aims to weave together the city, the park and the museum; it is simultaneously an extension of all three.

National Museum Quebec

National Museum Quebec by OMA with Richard Sharam as Lead Designer

Status: Competition 2010, under construction, to be completed 2014
Location: Quebec City, Canada
Size: 12.000 m²

Program: Art Museum
National Museum Quebec, Project Architecture Company.