Motorola RAZR Flip Phone is Back in a New Form

Motorola RAZR Flip Phone is Back in a New Form
A prototype of the Blade and the old RAZR

The tech firm Binatone is preparing to release a new version of the iconic RAZR flip phone called the Blade.

Binatone confirmed the existence of the Blade and described it as being inspired by phones we loved nearly 20 years ago.

The stripped back new phone is designed to be the antidote to gadgets like the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S8.

Recent studies have suggested teens are beginning to get fed up with social media and are turning to brick phones to cut the cord and disconnect themselves from Facebook, Instagram and other all-pervasive networks.

You can see the new phone is thinner than the old one which inspired it. The RAZR flip phone was one of the most iconic handsets that’s ever been released.

The phone is actually made by a company called Binatone which licenced the design from Motorola. The original RAZR flip phone was released in 2003.

The new Blade is aimed at people who want a simple phone without the bells and whistles of modern gadgets.

It’s believed that some teenagers and young people are getting fed up of social media, so are turning to old-fashioned phones which make it more difficult to access Facebook or other services.