Lake Forest Confections Chocolates Box – $1.500.000

They are luxurious and pricey and don’t really worth their money (or so we think).

Lake Forest Confections Chocolates Box – $1.500.000

We all love chocolate, and who wouldn’t love a $1.500.000 chocolate box?

Le Chocolat features a selection of Lake Forest Confections gourmet chocolates, as well as an arrangement of magnificent jewellery from Simon’s personal jewellery and gemstone vault.

Fishing Lure – $1 million

Fancy a fishing trip? Then why not go all luxurious and buy a $1 million fishing lure? It might bring you some luck!

This diamond, rubies and gold fishing lure is the most expensive fishing lure in the world.

But is using a normal lure stopping anyone to catch fish? It might, if the fish you want to catch likes jewellery.

Ruby & Diamond Pen – $595.000

You know how pens are sometimes the perfect gift for somebody? If yes, then prepare your wallet because this 150 carats of invisible set Burma rubies and 15 carats diamonds pen is worth $595.000.

This ruby and diamond pen is hand crafted and its body and nib are made from platinum and 18k white gold.

While it might be a luxurious pen, it is one of the 10 most expensive useless things, because let’s face it, what can you sign that is so important that you need to use a half a million dollars pen?

Extinct Huia Bird’s Feather – $8.000

Did you ever think that a single bird feather could cost $8000? Neither did we.

But apparently the Huia Bird’s feather are extremely expensive because the bird is thought to be extinct and has not been seen since 1907.

This is one expensive bird for sure!