Modern Zen House and Lot

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Modern Zen House and Lot

Modern Zen House and lot.

This beautiful Modern Zen Home stands in a Class A private and highly secured village In Quezon City. It is just 10 minutes away from SM mall, Robinson’s Mall and the under construction Ayala mall. Hospitals, Markets and schools are also very accessible and is just few minutes away. Transportation can be very easy for commuters because all Public Vehicles passes by the gate 24 hours a day. A comfortable, contemporary house architectural design. Modern Zen House has features such as fresh, beautifully crafted design details both in its exterior and interior design. Zen Architecture is a sustainable architecture style through the innovative application of established principles of ecologically sustainable design. Different designs of houses and contemporary architecture characteristics, often the architect is also inspired by the eastern philosophical concept of Zen.

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Modern Zen House and Lot

Modern architecture is a set of building styles with similar characteristics to the internal mind and self control under the influence of Zen Buddhist thought. Randomnesses and irregularities are evident characteristics of Japanese aesthetics and Zen architecture. This type of a house is an alternative to today’s contemporary house architecture and design. People who like authentic architecture may prefer Zen house models. Comfort and authenticity are what modern Zen house types can offer to house residents. Zen philosophy can be seen in the house types designed and constructed according to Zen architecture principles. A house that has Zen architectural design is a house with comfort and piece in that structure. If you like piece and happiness, modern Zen house styles can be one choice you can make when you want to choose a house type.

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