Microsoft's Cortana Makes Nice With Rivals
Images released by Microsoft on May 26, 2015 show the Microsoft Cortana application running on an Android phone. Microsoft

Microsoft’s Cortana Is Coming to iOS, Android Devices

Microsoft’s sassy virtual personal assistant Cortana will soon be staking out a spot on competing platforms.

Joe Belfiore, head of Microsoft’s operating systems group, announced in a blog post today that Cortana will be available as an option on Android and iOS devices later this year as a companion to Windows 10.

A phone companion app will be built into Windows 10, which will allow users to sync their mobile device, allowing users to seamlessly move between completing tasks on their PC or mobile device, Belfiore said.

Windows phone users will be ready to go after setting up the app, while Android and iPhone devotees will have to go through a few extra steps to get the necessary apps integrated onto their devices.

“You can have Cortana remind you to pick up milk the next time you’re at the grocery store, and then your phone will wake up and buzz with the reminder,” Belfiore wrote. “The Cortana companion app will help you complete tasks you begin on your PC wherever you are, on your phone.”

Windows 10 is expected to be released later this summer along with a free update for select Windows users.