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Deniz Taşkın

Hi, today I`m reviewing open this super giant Power Rangers toys/products. Bring real ranger fighting power to the battle with the Power Rangers Megaforce ranger figures!

The Power Rangers Double Battle Action Figures are ready to protect earth from evil! Keep villains away by using the innovative lever control on the back of each figure. Utilizing Bandai’s toy technology, this superhero is posed with unique battle gear in each hand ready for training or a battle.

Place your thumb in the lever and move side to side to activate both Ranger’s weapons. Each weapon moves independently, allowing you to choose which weapon will make the next move! But the action doesn’t end when the sun goes down. with Glow in the Dark features, the Power Rangers Double Battle Action Figures protect the earth from evil all day and night!

Legendary Power Rangers Figures
Power Rangers Super Megaforce Double Action Toys 2017 – Red Ranger & Green Ranger

The Power Rangers Action Heroes are tougher and stronger than ever, and ready for action as highly detailed 5 inch action figures! Each figure has a cool Super Megaforce style, as seen in the TV series, making it stand out from the rest of the pack! Every figure also includes two battle accessories to help in the fight against the villains! Crafted with great detail and quality, kids and collectors can play or display their favorite Power Rangers figure in their own environment to recreate scenes where good always prevails over evil. Collect them all!