Léaf Opener: The minimalist tool
A minimalist opener crafted to open bottles and boxes with ease and style.

A minimal opener carefully crafted to open bottles and boxes with ease and style. Made in USA. Awesome stretch goals now added! TJ here from Léaf Inc. says “I’ve made it a decision to create a minimal piece that challenges the average multi-tool . A conversation piece with the intent to alter how we open boxes and bottles safely, stylishly and effortlessly. If you deeply believe in those three product elements as much as i do, then you deserve to own a Léaf product. I believe that, any product no matter the caliber, shape or size should be meticulously crafted without sacrificing function and beauty. By utilizing strong materials and clean finishes, the sole objective is to create a very useful and yet elegant tool that lasts a long time.”

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Léaf Opener: The minimalist tool

Material and Process

Precision laser cut from solid sheets of stainless steel. Not die cast. This method produces a stronger, better quality and more consistent product. Waterjetting process is used for the fabrication of the full hard brass. This method is more expensive but produces a durable and quality product.


Each piece is carefully finished to ensure quality. The edges are dull and not sharp. As with anything if attached to keys, normal wear and scratches will occur. For the Stainless steel, any scratches to be quickly buffed out with any household scotch pad or small grit sandpaper. And for the full hard Brass, which has a higher chance of tarnish (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing). They are easy enough to keep shiny and golden by periodic cleaning with any metal polisher, copper or brass polisher.

Léaf Opener: The minimalist tool

Design Features

  • No moving parts to wear out.
  • You’ll always have a bottle & box opener at the ready.
  • Crafted slim enough to fit in any wallet or purse.
  • Made from durable Stainless steel and Brass.
  • 1/4″ hex tool bit holder.
  • Fits perfectly in keychains.
  • Made in USA.

Léaf Opener: The minimalist tool

Tajudeen is a second year accounting major at Harper college and is looking to transfer to the University of Illinois (UIC) soon to complete his major and he is also the Founder of Léaf Inc. Léaf Opener: The minimalist tool, Tajudeen Bisiriyu & Léaf Inc. (Schaumburg, IL, USA)