The lines, quality and features expected of an SUV Powerful and athletic The new KOLEOS is an SUV that packs all the styling cues and capabilities associated with the segment. In keeping with the Renault design strategy introduced by Laurens van den Acker, the new KOLEOS is covered by design pillar ‘EXPLORE,’ which stands for robustness and a taste for adventure. It was the pursuit of these qualities that inspired Renault’s designers to give the new KOLEOS taut, powerful, muscular lines.

New Koleos features classic SUV design cues: – Door protective mouldings. – Large-diameter wheels (up to 19 inches). – Aluminium roof bars. Meanwhile, the combination of high ground clearance (213mm) and approach and departure angles of respectively 19 and 26 degrees ensures go-anywhere ability.

A protective interior An elevated driving position offers excellent visibility. Compared to a traditional sedan, the new KOLEOS’ driving position is 150mm higher, a reassuring feature that is highly prized by SUV buyers. The tall, wide dashboard is intended to give driver and passenger a sense of safety and protection.

Hand grips either side of the centre console echo the world of off-road motoring while imbuing the interior with a sporty feel. The line stretching from the top of the dashboard to the rear of the armrest is one of the highlights of the new KOLEOS’ interior configuration. This central line suggests power and the world of all-wheel drive motoring. The wide centre console ensures there is a comfortable distance between the driver and front passenger. The new KOLEOS’ SUV genes are similarly prominent inside the cabin. Redolent of comfort, quality and strength, its elegant, protective interior is in perfect harmony with the model’s exterior lines.
Unparalleled, user-friendly 4×4 technology The new KOLEOS’ ALL MODE 4×4-i technology has already proven its capability in millions of Alliance vehicles around the world. This all-wheel drive system is extremely easy to use thanks to a switch on the dashboard to the left of the steering wheel that offers a choice between the 2WD (front-wheel drive) and 4WD AUTO modes. The latter automatically splits the torque between the front and rear wheels.

At slow speeds in low-grip conditions, a third mode called 4WD LOCK allows the driver to select permanent all-wheel drive. The new KOLEOS’ 4×4 transmission also guarantees enhanced safety and stability by neutralising understeer and oversteer, and by optimising grip in difficult conditions. To adapt to the varying requirements of its different markets, a two-wheel drive version of the new KOLEOS will also be available.