Kisebuku Summer Resort / Tabanlıoğlu Architects

Kisebuku Summer Resort / Tabanlıoğlu Architects
Kisebuku Summer Resort, Mugla, Turkey, Tabanlioglu Architects, Turkey. Located near Bodrum, local stone, wood and glass are the materials used to compliment the existing greenery and the sea view.

2007 / Bodrum. With reference to topography and the nature of the region, the angles of sun, winds, greenery and slopes of the terrain guided the land use of the program housing hotel, private villas and social areas which are constituents of the summer resort project in the South of Turkey. Close to the Bodrum airport and being one of the major destinations of the Blue Voyage the land is easily accessible from the sea and by land routes.

Integrated with the nature and aiming to welcome the sun in a controlled attitude and the breeze in the units during hot summer days, a mixture of semi-open and closed wall and roof system has been the core of the design decision. Retractable façade elements operate as flexible walls and create opportunities depending on choice, use of space and alternating climate conditions. The roofs are partially covered or left semi-open depending on the area of coverage and pergolas are overgrown with ivy.

Local stone, wood and glass are the materials used in harmony with the existing greenery and the sea view. Respecting the zoning status of the seaside settlement, the shore is reserved for sun decks adjacent to social areas behind. In the third belt, one or two storey villas scattered over the land, elevating with the mild slope reaching the roadside of the property. Terraces of the land are punctuated with the rhythmic layout of the housing units align with the natural grids. The existing olive trees between the facilities are enhanced by verdant landscape which flow over the walls and roofs. Between the units patios join the picturesque verdure as communicating nucleus creating synergy and opening passages. The existing feeble watercourse is enlivened to flow through the land. This major water element adds up coolness, and the effect is supported by private pools.

Repeating the same pattern in alternating forms and masses create a mildly accelerating, holistic texture over the land. Being one step away from the green and water surrounding the living space, even staying indoors, one feels as a part of the artless setting.

Site Area: 158.593 m²
Construction Area: 53.113 m²
Tabanlıoğlu Architects