Ichimatsu House by Horibe Naoko Architect Office

Architecture, Residential

Ichimatsu House located in Kizu, Kyoto City, Japan designed by Osaka-based Horibe Naoko Architect Office.

Ichimatsu House located in Kizu, Kyoto City, Japan designed by Osaka-based Horibe Naoko Architect Office. The house residents are a couple and one child. Ichımatsu House is a house that has two-storey wooden-scale structures above groundperiod. The house has aluminum siding. Property name is “Ichimatsu House” as it is from its appearance. LDK floor to pledge a certain corner, including approximately 20 fold, was laid of sticking to the client “red kitchen.” Looking just like to come, but also with picture window when standing in the kitchen.

Will be provided on the south side second floor balcony, available as an extension of the children’s room while being outdoors, and “semi-outdoor space.” Blue sky visible from the top light is provided on the balcony, where the family can enjoy only “blue sky”. Horibe Naoko was able to shape the appearance of the house, yet simple, so Horibe Naoko Architect Office added a casual interest in each scene of life. Horibe Naoko thinks in the lives of the client family’s everyday spent in “Ichimatsu House” can be a lot of fun.

Founder of Horibe Naoko Architect Office, architect Naoko Horibe was born in Osaka, Japan in 1972. She graduated from Kinki University, Faculty of Science and Engineering in 1995. Worked for Akira Sakamoto CASA, Yoshihisa Okazaki Architectural Design Office and K.Associates/Architects. Established Horibe Naoko Architect Office in 2003. Working as lecturer at Setsunan University since 2009 to present. She is member of Osaka Association of Architects & Building Engineers, member of Japan Institute of Architects. Design period of Ichimatsu House by Horibe Naoko Architect Office is between 2008.08 to 2009.03.

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