Google on Thursday launched the Hangouts Chrome app for Chrome OS and Windows users. The company claims that the new Hangouts app has been developed with “new experience tailor-made for your desktop.”

Google has introduced the updated layout for Hangouts’ Chrome App, inspired by Android

Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOGL) just announced in a Google+ post, the updated Hangouts Chrome App, heading towards a more Android inspired interface. It has made the update available for users of most major desktop operating systems, like Mac OS X, Chrome OS, Linux and Microsoft Windows.

The latest update is followed by Google’s earlier move to update its Play Music store, to match an Android-based design. With the rising trend of Android users, the move has helped the company attract the attention of Android users looking for an improved, familiar product.

In order to update the Hangouts app, Mayur Kamat, a Google official, said in the blog post that Windows, Linux and Chrome OS users need to disable their ‘transparent mode’ feature. Users can have separate tabs for active and recent conversations, while also being able to split their monitor screen into two sides, displaying a list of recent conversations, as well as specific contact conversations.

With the updated-Android based design, the Hangouts update has led to a more visually appealing outlook for the Chrome app. It has also attracted a large number of users, due to its user-friendly mechanics, allowing users to open up new windows with the ‘floating action-head.’

However, there was some controversy when Chrome failed to confirm the level of security of the app. After cross-questioning between Google and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), the company accepted that governmental wiretaps could track conversations.

Even though,the company has not ensured that there is ‘end-to-end encryption’ for the update, the tweaked Hangouts layout now resembling Android interfaces has led to a lot of buzz, following the update.