Fractured is a residential project located in Boulder, Colorado designed by Christopher Herr and Brad Tomecek’s Denver based architecture studio Studio H:T.

Fractured is a residential project located in Boulder, Colorado designed by American architects Christopher Herr and Brad Tomecek’s Denver, Colorado based architecture studio Studio H:T. Fractured project by Studio H:T is awarded with AIA Colorado North Chapter Merit Award. The project creates spatial experience from the fracture implied by splayed property lines.

Fractured project by Studio H:T is awarded with AIA Colorado North Chapter Merit Award.

The resulting volumetric fissure of the building mass organizes the horizontal circulation and creates the space of the stair cavern. The fracture also serves as a connector between the two entries of the long narrow dwelling, thus remediating the challenging circulation issues of building from street to street with a sectional shift of almost 40′. The unique spatial experience is punctuated by, and allows for, highly varied apprehension of form, light, and shadow. Photos: Raul Garcia

Studio H:T is a design studio that seeks to create buildings, objects, and environments that heighten the senses and celebrate the unique qualities of place. They seek imaginative clients and innovative projects that allow them to contribute to the local and global communities through design excellence. Design is all around us. It has the ability to influence life in a completely unique way. As such, its importance cannot be overstated. Re-search (meaning, quite literally, to search again) is the foundation of design. Asking and re-asking the questions without blindly falling back to the stock answers is their effort to expose opportunities for innovation. It is through this innovation that they create places and functionality which serve people, and in turn, better the lives of those who experience their environments. Foremost is their belief in the extraordinary power of design to profoundly influence quality of life.

Christopher Herr, Principal | AIA | LEED BC+D: A founding partner of Studio H:T, Herr received a degree in French horn performance from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. His interest in acoustics led him to receive a Masters of Architecture degree with an acoustics emphasis from the University of Florida in 1999. Herr worked in a local office until launching Studio H:T in 2003. He currently teaches at the University of Colorado and performs in the Longmont Symphony. He has just completed a performance hall renovation at the local university and was recently named the 2010 AIA Colorado Young Architect.

Brad Tomecek, Principal | AIA | LEED BC+D: A founding partner of Studio H:T, Tomecek graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Design and a Masters of Architecture. He worked in smaller award winning firms in both Florida and Colorado before launching the studio. Currently, Tomecek combines practice with teaching at the University of Colorado. His unique mix of projects includes a prefab LEED-H residence, an off-the-grid shipping container home and an imported German eco-panel home. He was recently named the 2009 AIA Western Mountain Region Young Architect. His work with Studio H:T has led to an AIA Colorado Innovative Practice Honor Award in 2009.

Kevin Sietmann, Studio Manager, Sietmann received his masters degree from the University of Colorado at Denver College of Architecture and Planning. His prior education includes a Bachelor’s degree in architecture from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee with extended studies in Paris, France. His collegiate education was complimented with ‘real world’ experience working in an architectural design, glass and metal shop in Minneapolis, MN.