Fairbrooke Enterprises by Mark Dziewulski Architect

Architecture, Commercial

Fairbrooke Enterprises in Manhattan, New York is a commercial project designed by architect Mark Dziewulski’s San Francisco based architecture studio Mark Dziewulski Architect.

Fairbrooke Enterprises in Manhattan, New York is a commercial project designed by architect Mark Dziewulski’s San Francisco, California based architecture studio Mark Dziewulski Architect. The project includes fashion clothing showroom and offices. Total area 4,000 sq.ft. (370 m²).

This is the showroom and national headquarters for a fashion wholesale company. The showroom is the focus of a sequence of new spaces, from a sweeping spiral staircase to a formal reception area.

The lighting design combines several innovations with the latest technology. It is used to highlight the merchandise and to create a sense of theatricality. Colors and materials were carefully selected to form a neutral yet warm backdrop for the clothing.

Mark Dziewulski, AIA, ARB, founder of Mark Dziewulski Architect.

Mark Dziewulski was born in London and works internationally. He is licensed in both the United States and Europe, and is a member of the American Institute of Architects, from which he has received several awards. He has completed projects in the USA, Europe and Asia, which have received numerous design awards and been widely published. The Republic of Poland recently presented him with a medal, the Gold Cross Order of Merit. After graduating from Cambridge University with a First Class Honours degree in Architecture, Mark Dziewulski was awarded two consecutive Fulbright Scholarships for postgraduate study at Princeton University, where he received his Master of Architecture degree. The following year he received a Master of Arts degree from Cambridge. Mark Dziewulski Architect team currently includes Mark Dziewulski AIA | ARB | founder and architect, Jeremy Bamberger M.ARCH | BS Economics | designer, Sean Kennedy LEED AP | Associate AIA | project manager, André Vilhena B.ARCH | designer, Maxine Skaggs LEED AP | Associate AIA | designer, Pedram Farashbandi M.ARCH | designer, Robert Rudeen Licensed Architect | CAD Specialist, Andrea Fabian office manager.

The office of Mark Dziewulski Architect has grown significantly in experience and reputation since it was established nearly twenty years ago. They carry out projects in the USA, Europe and Asia. They have received many design awards, including three Excellence in Design awards from the American Institute of Architects for “Significant Works of Architecture”, as well as the International Design and Development Award and the Pacific Coast Builders Design Award two years in a row. Their work includes important cultural and institutional buildings as well as commercial and residential projects. Increasingly recognized as a design leader, their buildings have been published in over a hundred books and magazines in fourteen countries, including The Times in London and several articles in The New York Times.

The office was set up with the aim to build architecturally significant projects, creating iconic buildings in the public realm. The designs are intended to be a rigorous expression of dramatic architectural design, whilst also being sensitive to their context and users. The projects combine the use of technological innovation with poetic and sculptural forms to create a strong sense of “place”. Mark Dziewulski is personally involved with each project from start to completion, so that the work reflects an individual and distinctive design sensibility. Each new commission receives a fresh approach based on its contextual and programmatic influences. The office is committed to environmentally sensitive construction and has created several technologically innovative buildings.

The office has built several public projects, including a national war memorial in Poland and a United Nations trade headquarters in China. They have also created designs for a variety of cultural and public buildings, including several museums. Their design for the National Gallery, in Trafalgar Square, was published by the Royal Institute of British Architects and was widely praised. The office is currently working on a residential apartment building in London, several houses and commercial projects, and the design phase for a performing arts centre. They recently completed a design for a new museum of aviation in Cracow, Poland. The work has been praised as being both sensitive to its context as well as providing iconic design, making the buildings important landmarks within their communities. Their goal is to continually evolve and grow as a design firm, expanding the range of their portfolio while striving to create innovative and exciting architecture.

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