Decorative Cushions from Rıfat Özbek

Design, Textile

Decorative Cushions from Rıfat Özbek

Yastık By Rıfat Özbek” brand includes decorative cushions designed and created  by renowned fashion designer Rıfat Özbek. The project includes various types, sizes and colours of pillows sold as collections in shops around İstanbul, Alaçatı, and London. A cushion is a luxury; a reminder of a journey, a memory of a dream. Yastık, which means cushion in Turkish, was born in 2005 from the collaboration between Rıfat Özbek and Erdal Karaman. The inspiration behind Yastık is the desire to spoil with choice for this ultimate interior accessory.

“Yastık By Rıfat Özbek” is a brand including chic decorative cushions.

The collection is designed with exotic and beautiful fabrics to which Özbek adds his very own touch, combining the eclectic and sumptuous, mixing motifs, shapes and colours from different cultures. The collections are explosions of colours, unique and versatile. Each design is produced as a limited edition and each season brings a new collection. From traditional to contemporary interiors, Yastık cushions find their way in. Each shop has its own bespoke collection reflecting the mood of its location.

İstanbul / Türkiye