Cooking tools

This is a group project made for Evolution, a new brand created by Vincent Le guern (Mauviel cookware). They had to imagine new kitchen tools to conquer the field with a new brand and launch the brand. They had to explore various field like seasoning, timing, dressing and gauging.

For each of those field they created a product. The goal was to install a brand identity and innovate to sell. The first one is a seasoning pot with spices pipes of various sizes you just have to turn the cork to open the pipe and season. To use on the table while eating and in the kitchen while cooking.

The second is a timer permitting us to coordinate 3 meals on the same time. You can finally make your dinner ready in the same time. The third one permit you to easily create delicious sauce. Add ingredients, shake and dress. The fourth is a spatulas kit that you can pile up to save space. The last one is a bowl double sized with a funnel. A small side for spoons proportions and a big one for flour, milk.