Chimney: Outdoor Harmonized with Space
Chimney : Outdoor unit harmonized with space

The outdoor unit of air conditioner harmonized with space

​​​​​​​Chimney is a new home outdoor unit with improved appearance which fits better with its surrounding environment for aesthetic enhancement. Also, the cooling efficiency has been improved by altered heat discharge methods.

Sometimes when you walk the street, you can notice that many outdoor units of air conditioners are not very attractive, for they tend not to fit in near beautiful buildings.
These are the analysis of installation states and usual shapes of the units which is seen around us.

Why does the outdoor unit look like this?
Cause analysis

The outdoor unit is designed in a simple structure for optimized cooling efficiency of refrigerant.
Therefore, rectangular shape of today’s units holds a large majority because of its advantage of
heat circulation and cheap cost.

However, not only the cooling efficiency based shapes of today ruins the beauty of building exterior,
but also causes inconvenience to pedestrians with its frontal exposed heat vent.

Unlike air conditioner, outdoor unit is a product which is operated outside without direct user contact.
Because of that, the shape of it places more emphasis on harmony with surrounding environment rather than the user.
Also, to ensure the design improvements doesn’t have negative effects on repair and cleaning issues,
the shape aims for a simple structure like the preexisted form.

Performs the similar role with outdoor unit of getting inside air out.
Also, chimney is a part of a building structure, which naturally goes together with near environment.
With this observation, the vertical chimney shape is applied to the unit shape.

By KOO hyungjun