Bulvar 216 by TAGO Architects

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Bulvar 216 by TAGO ArchitectsBulvar 216 is a business center in İstanbul designed by architect Gökhan Aktan Altuğ’s Altunizade, İstanbul based architecture firm TAGO Architects. Client: Özak Gayrimenkul (Özak Realty). Category: Business Center. Construction area: 41.000 m2. Design and construction year: 2013

Bulvar 216 in İstanbul is a business center designed by TAGO Architects.

Having a form of irregular pentagonal building on 4 floor and one on the ground (roof) consists of installation floor.

Bulvar 216 by TAGO Architects

Looking out Ataşehir street just behind the back shot of the design does not turn off the Ataşehir Mimar Sinan Mosque silhouette.

Bulvar 216 by TAGO Architects

The building, which has withdrawn from the rising form, immediately adjacent to the tallest buildings finds areas for self to take breath.

İstanbul / Türkiye