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Deniz Taşkın: Designed to keep Apple EarBuds & AirPods comfortably in your ears while running, working or lounging

Quick and easy attachment to your Apple EarBuds or AirPods
AirBands provide a simple solution that don’t change the size, shape or fit of your EarBud or AirPod headphone speaker. By mechanically fixing itself to the outside of the Apple headphones you retain a natural flexibility and fit for Apple’s design. The ear clip helps the headphones stay connected to your ear without increasing the diameter of the speaker area itself.

Quick and easy to insert and remove from your ear
From a manufacturing standpoint, I am utilizing the same material as the Apple iWatch bands, fluoroelastomer. It is a very high-quality medical grade material that allows for the final product to be strong and flexible while being very soft to the touch.

AirBands - Comfortable Apple Headphone ManagementBecause every ear is different, AirBands are available in different sizes making them very comfortable regardless of the varying shapes and sizes of everyone’s ears.

AirBand Tether – For AirPods
I understand people are going to lose their AirPods and the market is currently flooded with this type of product right now. Is this really the entire solution? For some, yes! The AirBand Tether is a simple way to retain connectivity between your AirPods and prevent loss. The goal of this design is to support the interaction pattern between taking your headphones on and off frequently.

I have a lot of meetings on a day to day basis but I love having my headphones with me all the time. In this case, I might not always want to re-insert the Ear Clips repeatably all day and instead have my AirPods tethered to me.

AirBand EarClips – For AirPods or EarBuds
The AirBand EarClips come in sizes SM, MD, LG and are designed for the AirPods or EarBuds. Like the Clip & Tether, the stand alone EarClips are designed for a variety of triangular fossa sizes. You know — that part of your ear that’s just above the ear canal. These are the perfect companion for AirPods or EarBuds when freedom is an absolute must.

Airbands are just as easy to insert or remove from the ear but, do not have a tether to keep them together. Mechanically designed to connect to the outside of the AirPods or Earbuds, they do not change the size of the speaker itself. Just snap them on and you’re done!

Image Info: Ryan Roberts, Product Manager and Marketing Leader