Air Purifier with Humidifier and Plasmacluster Ion Technology

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Air Purifier with Humidifier and Plasmacluster Ion Technology

Sharp Air Purifier KCA50JW

A breathe of fresh & purer air

Humidity levels can make the difference with the air quality you breathe. Sharp’s triple action Air Purifier with Humidifier monitors the levels of humidity, dust and odour with a sensor function in a room size of up to 38m². Maintaining 60% relative humidity is ideal for your home and ensures low probability of microorganism growth. The KCA50JW will automatically deliver the right humidity level based on your rooms temperature. While the humdifier ensures the room humidity level is at a comfortable environment, the Air Purification system cleans the air of any airborne substances. This is carried out in two ways, through the HEPA and deodorising filtration system capturing 99.97% of dust particles and using Sharp’s patent Plasmacluster Ion technology which helps to deactivate airborne viruses, mould spores, adhering odours and static electricity. Providing clean and breathable air in your home.

RRP: $ 590.53954 USD

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