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    Scientists Present Concept for the Solution of Traffic Jams

    A team of researchers from Cologne and New York has presented proposals for future traffic management. A dynamic, fair toll for road use could reduce congestion. In the current issue of Nature, the economists Peter Cramton, Axel Ockenfels (both University of Cologne) and R. Richard Geddes (Cornell University) describe a concept in which drivers would […]

  • A Peek at How Samsung Makes Each Galaxy Note9
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    A Peek at How Samsung Makes Each Galaxy Note9

    The official release of the Galaxy Note9 was two weeks ago—a smartphone whose innovative technologies allow users to get the most out of everything they do. In anticipation of the device’s August 24 launch, Samsung Electronics’ factories in Gumi, South Korea have been busy manufacturing Galaxy Note9 units to ship to markets around the world.. […]

  • For a Hydrogen Energy Society

    Not only is hydrogen energy clean, it can also provide a stable supply of energy in case of emergencies. That is why there are high expectations for hydrogen energy as the next energy generation system. Panasonic, which has already brought to market a household fuel cell cogeneration system, is currently developing a hydrogen fuel cell […]

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  • Build Your Own Phone

    The smartphone market is saturated with hundreds of designs, each with its own unique set of features. Even those dedicated to a specific brand occasionally finding themselves green with envy over another’s wireless charging, slim shape or another feature they wish they had! The solution? THOR! A smartphone in which users can change each and […]

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  • Parley – Ocean Plastic Collection Yacht

    Proportion The proportions of the Parley ship have been influenced by its` unique function. Biomimicry in design saw the form flowing, dynamc surfaces. Celerity The Parely ship can be in its surroundings, if there`s no plastic on the surface of a particular area, the jaws are closed to reduce the drag co efficient and maneuverability.

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  • Opposite House

    OPPOSITE HOUSE Both outside and in, the Opposite House is at once familiar yet different, spectacular yet comfortable, private as well as public – presenting a study in subtly rendered juxtapositions. It emerges lightly from the ground, becoming part of the undisturbed landscape. The structure’s conceptual formation and the program are centred around the dynamic […]

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